Life In The Wilderness

From some of the vantage points, logging initiatives can be seen on distant mountains which gives testament that this pristine wilderness is vulnerable to exploitation.  There is a find line of using the resource and abusing the resources.  It is indeed a delicate balancing act to obtain the required economic prosperity and preserving our planet. 

But yet this protection site is beautifully located.  The sun sets on the surrounding mountains that overlook a gently flowing 50 foot wide head waters of the famous North West Miramichi. And abundance of wildlife gather at this meandering river that flows under towering trees. And there is little light pollution to hinder a clear view of the endless stars and moon lit sky.  And in the darkness of night, only the hoot of the owl, the song of the crickets, the splash of big fish or the breaking of a branch from the weight of a big animal can be heard. And the rabbits, chipmunks, birds and rodents have not learnt to be fearful of humans and come to hand with the offering of food. And in this wilderness there are many more moose and bear then humans. And the air is fresh with a noticeable increased oxogen level provided by the forest.  And in the shadows of trees under the same sun drenched skies, these scenes and sounds gets replayed year after year, day after day and hour after hour. I am surrounded by these earthly things which are itched in my mind forever.

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